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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

GMail reaches 4GB now

This is amazing. GMail was started with a 2GB email service, which was increasing as indicated day by day. And now, it has reached 4GB and I haven't got an email yet, regarding this update. Ridiculous !!!

This is another great achievement after Microsoft's Windows Live Hotmail had increased its per mail storage to 2GB recently. Even, another Indian mail provider company Rediffmail had increased to an unlimited storage.
Anyway, whatever sizes the other providers offer, Gmail and all other services associated with Gmail and Google users are knew no bound. This is a big leap and one of the best free services ever in the cyberspace.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Me, A Cat and Its SHIT on my BED

I was aware of such situations never before. Despite of a full day busy schedule, it happened today.

I was alone in my room. So, I came late tonight at around 8:30 after having my dinner somewhere else. All was fine until I found the packet of Gudpak (गुँदपाक) which I was supposed to take home the following day, was already tasted by a pussy (not PuSi).

This was also somehow tolerable. But, I just found myself insane, when I saw the SHIT of the cat on my bed, right along my pillow. Oh! Shit ! (yeah, that was truly a shit)

Thanks, God, I had atleast taken my meal. I had to wash all the clothes then, the bed sheet (shit again), the pillow, the quilt and mattress. I even had to cut the mattress, because it was impossible to wash that. So, I had taken a round cut piece of the mattress around the area where the cat had shit, away from it.

It took me 2 total hours, to clean up all the mesh and next half an hour to wash myself.

I do not know how did I manage all those smell, the shit, and how I made a courage to do that. Anyway, this also happens. Tomorrow, I am leaving for my home, and I must share this experience to all my friends out there.

Let, me see the responses.

Ha! Ha!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

When my article was one of the featured articles at Helium

The screenshot speaks itself

Date: 23rd march 2007

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Happy Birthday to me and dearest Hilary Duff

Dhruba Adhikari
Sep 28, 2007 at 10:41 am

I know what it makes me feel being a fan of Hilary Duff. and the major thing is having the same birthday - septemer 28th., Hilary is exactly 2 years younger than me. and I know myself how happy I was when I first knew this.

I completed my 22nd and Hilary her 20th. At this moment I wanna make two wishes, first I want to wish a very happy birthday and many many returns to myself and Hilary. Secondly, I just wanna share all those wishes made to me by my relatives and friends to this beautiful lady. This is not anything to spam or make an issue here.

I had started to be fond of Hilary when I watched her movie Lizzie mcguire. After i got to knew we had a same birthday, this added up more, which made me to start a blog of Hilary . I tried to make posts as recent as possible and my blog was getting more and more traffic. However, after one years, I had to stop updating, due to my academic routines.

It makes me feel proud to have a birthday on the same day with this lady, whom I die for. I wish to meet her but I am an Asian, and she American. Hope i will do that when she comes to India.

Happy Birthday to me and Hilary.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Prashant Tamang has been crowned with the Indian Idol Title

I had missed the Indian Idol final show, so I wake up early in the morning and went to a newspaper shop to see if the coverage has been made there. Amazing, the show after midnight had a coverage at most of the leading newspapers of Nepal. Then I sat down in front of my computer and started searching for Prashant Tamang.

These are the results.

Prashant crowned the new Indian Idol
After a long and sometimes bumpy ride, Indian Idol has found its winner—Prashant Tamang. The first Nepali to ever take part in the contest, he beat all odds (no formal training in music and coming from a police background that does not nurture a singer) to become the new Bharat ki Shaan. He has his fans—who were so enthusiastic in voting for him—and the negative comments from the judges—which spurred him on to do better—to thank for winning the title. Here’s wishing him all the luck for his future.

Prashant Tamang (Nepali: प्रशान्त तामाङ) is a Kolkata-based singer and winner of Indian Idol season 3.[2] He is the first contestant of Indian Nepalese origin to make it to the final rounds of Indian Idol and finaly win it. He is also the first person from the Indian police force to enter the final rounds. His father had breathed his last while serving for Indian police in an accident related to the same.

Search results for Prashant Tamang at Google Videos

Prashant Tamang Singing a Nepali Song.
Kewal Timro Yaad Liyera Kati Din Banchi Dinu
॥॥ केवल तिम्रो याद लिएर कति दिन बाँचि दिनु ॥॥

Prashant Tamang Indian Idol Image Gallery

This guy did a lot to Nepalese Community in India, and in the world.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

LOL (SMS)- Laugh out Loud Launched

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Emperor's New Coat

I had uploaded this video at YouTube ,which I got from somewhere, and I dont know the source exactly now. This is a good video and I hope this does not violates any copyrights.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Falling Bush

It seems that George W. Bush has no will to withstand now in this world. The following Flash animation shows the future of Bush. Hope this happens, coz he had to face all what he had made this world and US now.

Am sorry if anyone has a faith on Bush.

If this does not work here, visit this link

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Partitioning the removable USB Drive-HOW TO

I had tried to create partitions in my USB Flash Drive. My drive was of 32MB as the manufactures rating. All was well when I started GParted to created the partions. What I did was,

* I first selected the device /dev/sdb1 from File->Devices.I was really excited to get the device
/dev/sdb there.

* I do not remember what was the size of my drive before I did all the works below. But I remember I used to store some around 29MB data or more previously. I only know that it was a 32MB USB Drive.

* I deleted the partition, tried to create partiotions,etc and there were errors due to the drive being a 32MB one, coz fat32 required minimum 32MB disk space for creating a partion. I accepted that.

* The major problem that I had is after I tried to resolve the errors. What I did was - I deleted all the partitions and created just one .To my surprise, I found only 23MB space remained, and I could not create a FAT32 Partion.


But I am sure that the size initially was 32MB because it was the minimum requirement for FAT32 partion. Could not believe what was going there. I mounted the 23MB anyway, and viewed the properties from the GUI browser. Again, the same thing repeated.

Then I did this again...

* I started the command-line partion manipulation program "parted" which is the command-line tool for GParted.
* I selected the device /dev/sdb1 as
(parted) select /dev/sdb
* I printed the disk information
(parted) print
To my surprise, the output was ...
Disk geometry for /dev/sdb: 0kB - 32 MB

***** What is this again ? *****

* I created a partition as below ...

(parted) mkpart /dev/sda1
Partition type? primary/extended? primary
File system type? [ext2]?
Start? 1
End? 32
* Again I printed the partiotions as ...

(parted) print
Disk geometry for /dev/sdb: 0kB - 32MB
Disk label type: msdos
Number Start End Size Type File system Flags
1 1kB 32MB 32MB primary fat16
* This was **** OK! ****
But again I could not create a FAT32 partion

(parted) mkfs
Partition number? 1
File system? [ext2]? fat32
Error: Partition too big/small for a fat32 file system.

* Then at the GParted now ...
Partition Filesystem Size Used Unused Flags
/dev/sdv1 /!\ []unknown 30.75 MiB - -

****** Lets try to create more partiontions then *****

(parted) print
Disk geometry for /dev/sdb: 0kB - 32MB
Disk label type: msdos
Number Start End Size Type File system Flags

(parted) mkpart
Partition type? primary/extended? primary
File system type? [ext2]?
Start? 1
End? 16

(parted) print
Disk geometry for /dev/sdb: 0kB - 32MB
Disk label type: msdos
Number Start End Size Type File system Flags
1 32kB 16MB 16MB primary

(parted) mkfs
Partition number? 1
File system? [ext2]? fat16
Error: Partition too big/small for a fat16 file system.

(parted) rm 1

(parted) mkpart 1
Partition type? primary/extended? primary
File system type? [ext2]? fat16
Start? 1
End? 17

(parted) print
Disk geometry for /dev/sdb: 0kB - 32MB
Disk label type: msdos
Number Start End Size Type File system Flags
1 32kB 16MB 16MB primary

(parted) mkpart
Partition type? primary/extended? extended
Start? 16
End? 32

(parted) print
Disk geometry for /dev/sdb: 0kB - 32MB
Disk label type: msdos
Number Start End Size Type File system Flags
1 32kB 16MB 16MB primary
2 16MB 32MB 16MB extended

(parted) mkfs
Partition number? 1
File system? [ext2]? fat16
Error: Partition too big/small for a fat16 file system.

(parted) mkfs
Partition number? 1
File system? [ext2]?

(parted) mkfs
Partition number? 2
File system? [ext2]?

(parted) print
Disk geometry for /dev/sdb: 0kB - 32MB
Disk label type: msdos
Number Start End Size Type File system Flags
1 32kB 16MB 16MB primary ext2
2 16MB 32MB 16MB extended


***** Lets Do someting more again ************

(parted) mkfs
Partition number? 2
File system? [ext2]? fat16
Error: Partition too big/small for a fat16 file system.

(parted) mkfs
Partition number? 2
File system? [ext2]? ext2

(parted) print
Disk geometry for /dev/sdb: 0kB - 32MB
Disk label type: msdos
Number Start End Size Type File system Flags
1 32kB 16MB 16MB primary ext2
2 16MB 32MB 16MB extended

(parted) mkpart
Partition type? primary/logical? extended
Partition type? primary/logical? logical
File system type? [ext2]?
Start? 16MB
End? 32MB

(parted) print
Disk geometry for /dev/sdb: 0kB - 32MB
Disk label type: msdos
Number Start End Size Type File system Flags
1 32kB 16MB 16MB primary ext2
2 16MB 32MB 16MB extended
5 16MB 32MB 16MB logical

(parted) mkfs
Partition number? 54
Error: Partition doesn't exist.

(parted) mkfs
Partition number? 5
File system? [ext2]? fat16
Error: Partition too big/small for a fat16 file system.

(parted) mkfs
Partition number? ext2
Error: Expecting a partition number.

(parted) mkfs
Partition number? 5
File system? [ext2]? ext2

(parted) rm 1
Error: Partition /dev/sdb1 is being used. You must unmount it before you modify it with Parted.

(parted) rm 1

(parted) rm 5
Error: Partition /dev/sdb5 is being used. You must unmount it before you modify it with Parted.

(parted) rm 5

(parted) print
Disk geometry for /dev/sdb: 0kB - 32MB
Disk label type: msdos
Number Start End Size Type File system Flags
2 16MB 32MB 16MB extended

(parted) rm 2

(parted) print
Disk geometry for /dev/sdb: 0kB - 32MB
Disk label type: msdos
Number Start End Size Type File system Flags

(parted) mkpart
Partition type? primary/extended? primary
File system type? [ext2]? fat16
Start? 1MB
End? 18MB

(parted) print
Disk geometry for /dev/sdb: 0kB - 32MB
Disk label type: msdos
Number Start End Size Type File system Flags
1 1kB 18MB 18MB primary

(parted) mkpart
Partition type? primary/extended? extended
Start? 18MB
End? 32MB

(parted) print
Disk geometry for /dev/sdb: 0kB - 32MB
Disk label type: msdos
Number Start End Size Type File system Flags
1 1kB 18MB 18MB primary
2 18MB 32MB 14MB extended

(parted) mkfs
Partition number? 1
Error: Partition /dev/sdb1 is being used. You must unmount it before you modify it with Parted.

(parted) mkfs
Partition number? 1
File system? [ext2]? fat16

(parted) mkpart
mkpart mkpartfs

(parted) mkpart
Partition type? primary/logical? logical
File system type? [ext2]? ext2
Start? 18MB
End? 32MB

(parted) print
Disk geometry for /dev/sdb: 0kB - 32MB
Disk label type: msdos
Number Start End Size Type File system Flags
1 1kB 18MB 18MB primary fat16
2 18MB 32MB 14MB extended
5 18MB 32MB 14MB logical

(parted) mkfs 5
File system? [ext2]? ext2

(parted) print
Disk geometry for /dev/sdb: 0kB - 32MB
Disk label type: msdos
Number Start End Size Type File system Flags
1 1kB 18MB 18MB primary fat16
2 18MB 32MB 14MB extended
5 18MB 32MB 14MB logical ext2

****** Following commands are available for (parted) ***
(parted) help
check NUMBER do a simple check on the file system
cp [FROM-DEVICE] FROM-NUMBER TO-NUMBER copy file system to another partition
help [COMMAND] prints general help, or help on COMMAND
mklabel LABEL-TYPE create a new disklabel (partition table)
mkfs NUMBER FS-TYPE make a FS-TYPE file system on partititon NUMBER
mkpart PART-TYPE [FS-TYPE] START END make a partition
mkpartfs PART-TYPE FS-TYPE START END make a partition with a file system
move NUMBER START END move partition NUMBER
name NUMBER NAME name partition NUMBER as NAME
print [NUMBER] display the partition table, or a partition
quit exit program
rescue START END rescue a lost partition near START and END
resize NUMBER START END resize partition NUMBER and its file system
rm NUMBER delete partition NUMBER
select DEVICE choose the device to edit
set NUMBER FLAG STATE change a flag on partition NUMBER
unit UNIT set the default unit to UNIT


By, ACP Masquerade [ 2007-05-12 22:30 NPT (GMT+5:45) ]

Also Available here

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Directional Sound (What is ?)

Yesterday, I got to watch 'BOYS TOYS' show on the History Channel. The programme talked several topics and was majorly focused on the the arms and ammunitions. Something that I had not known , and was told there was the Directional Sound.

  • What is the Directional Sound?
    The term Directional here means , something that is focused in a particular direction. This very concept is best implemented in the LASER beam technology, which focuses a red (generally) beam at a point.

    The concept of Directional beam of light has now been implemented in the acoustic systems, which has lead to invention of Directional Sound.

  • History !
  • To be continued ...

Monday, May 07, 2007

Google Gadget API

Hey Guys, I had recently gone through the Google Gadget API documentation and the HOW To Guides. I really found Google Gadgets are not so tedious to programme as productive and useful as they are.

What Are Google Gadgets

  1. Google Gadgets are simple XML files that are used to embed in websites,Google Personalized Homepage and so on.

After reading the API Documentation something more struck in my mind. Then there arose some sort of inspiration, to create One Gadget Per Week (OGPW), if I can.I will try to create the Gadgets which will really be hepful, funny, entertaining and much more... Lets see how far I can go...

"Google and its Beauty -Hats Off !"

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Masturbation on Cam

Hey All,
Watch this video...
At least once and You will do that regularly ...

How Open Source Projects Survive Poisonous People (And You Can Too)

Google Tech Talks January 25, 2007


Every open source project runs into people who are selfish, uncooperative, and disrespectful. These people can silently poison the atmosphere of a happy developer community. Come learn how to identify these people and peacefully defuse them before they derail your project. Told through a series of (often amusing) real-life anecdotes and experiences

Revolution OS

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

iGoogle and my Subscription

This is my iGoogle.... Do not have a one. Read the article to create one...

Google and the iGoogle

Google! how was it started,everyone knows that. Yesterday,when I was talking to my friend about the establishment of Google, they all talked that Google was a failure when it was just started. This was because Google was started only as a search engine, however there had been many search engines which provide more than a mere search engine at that contemporary time. But what is Google now? Is it just a mere search engine? The leap of Google from Google to iGoogle has defined what has Google turned out to be.

I do not know the exact sequences of the development of Google, but i remember some of them. From just the mere search engine to Gmail and progressively we can see the list at Google services and the developments inside the Google Labs which is among one of the Google services.

The Beauty of Google starts right from the Classic Google Homepage and then its plain design. Only the text ads that get displayed in the Gmail with the remarkable use of the Intelligence in filters, Spam Protection, Forwarding and much more. Not only Gmail the screenshot alongside shows what has google provided to the world.

Just yesterday ,I got to see the iGoogle link at the top right corner of the Google Classic Homepage.And found that Google has rebranded the Personal
Homepage to iGoogle. Hats Off! Why
not to say it iGoogle. Google already
had a plan to do that,because it had
already created a link to the personalised homepage as
http://google.con/ig where the ig represents iGoogle. Now its to see what has google maintained to be the iGoogle.

  • Theme which changes with the day light changes of the location
  • Customised Gadgets
  • Make your own Gadgete and share them
  • Gmail (I prefer to say it iMail)
  • and much more... because the list is endless.
I am pretty much sure and have already seen the world and rule of Google in the near future, why in the near future ,had already done in many aspects. Never forget to see the Search Engine Rankings and the position of Google there.

ACP Masquerade

I suppose this was me in previous yugs

Pictures speak themselves

Monday, April 30, 2007


While browsing the net and searching for the domain forwarding and redirection I found one of the redirection services and have used a lot of time. Here are some of my redirection links for myself and for all

This Links can directly viewed from this Shortcut

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Animator Vs. Animation

Animator vs. Animation

Can such be an animation. This video is recommended to all the age groups and is rated to be must watch .
Can you believe the animation created by you will attack you and your computer.

Just see this. Recommend this to family and friends . The extremity of Artificial Intelligence.

Note: Click preview to play the video in this very window.
To view more details and in the original window click Play

Friday, April 27, 2007

The Beauty of Mozilla Firefox

I was just browsing using the Firefox browser.Just I thought to browse the Addons and made a mind to install the "Split Browsing" addon.
This added a great surprise. I have taken the screenshot also.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Life is Fucking Fantastic so life is fucktastic

Saturday, April 21, 2007

See the pictures and think of yourself

Previously I had posted pictrues of the sudan famine. And I have continued them. Here are the pictures. Please see them carefully and judge yourself. Are u doing the same? Also visit this link for previous post

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Blogging- Can it reach to such a limit

I donot know how I reached to visit the blog "The State of My Penis" at .First I thought to flag the blog as inappropriate,but then something strike in my fancy - "Why to?" .Blog is made to share in web, so he does that.

This is the dark side in the blogs. I am a blogger since a year and have more than 10 blogs registered to myself. Each of the blogs talk about something and is registed to blog on some specific topics that I need to blog or share. But what is this blog.Isn't it an abuse of the blogs. Blogs are made such an open web content hosts, that there is not any screening phenomenon is them unless any one flags the blog as inappropritae. So this has happened today.

I cannot think now what can be the extermity of blogging in the coming days ...

Today I start another blog now, to add a review on each blog I visit to.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Working as a Volunteer

Being invloved in a true volunteering ,

Five of our classmates have started volunteering for the E-LIBRARY Project of Help Nepal Network, an umbrella organization to the network in 12 nations. The inspiration came when Shishir , Jwala ,Rajiv, Aayush and Kebina - the seniors had shared their experience on LTSP regarded to their first project at Dang. Shishir had a presentation on their Experiences and "LTSP Project and its implementations in NEpal".

So we talked to Help Nepal Network, of whose the E-Library project is. Bibek had assisted in the meeting. Last Saturday (24th March 2007), we had a meeting inside the Help Nepal Network Office at Chabahil. At the very meeting we , viz :

* Suraj sapkota
* Bibek Shrestha
* Dhruba Adhikari (Me)
* Jitendra Harlalka
* Manish Modi

During the meet, we met Rojendra Dai-an active volunteer of Help Nepal, Rama Dai and others...
And I must not forget Mr . Matthew from UNESCO who also had a plan to implement the LTSP server and client for the teachers training programme. I must say I had a dream to have that to us. But the risk and follow up factors made me together with all others think a bit more ...

After the completion we had made a tentative plan to set up the LTSP server and client at Suraj's Room , but the LOCUS final day came in between and we had to cancel the plan.
However, yesterday on 26th march 2007 we started with the setup test. We five, together with Subodh ,Vaskar and Yogesh were there.

The whole day, installing, deinstalling and reinstalling, all went on. I had taken my "MORPHINE" to Suraj's room . Suraj had made his PC the server and my morphine had been tried to make the thin client. Whole day,starting from 11 AM, went on vain , and I had to go to the TUITION (Students are having the exams so ...).. Unfortunately, I must say I missed the moment when the client booted , up to the GRAY WINDOW and A CROSS MARK of the mouse pointer.

Today, Shishir came to suraj's and to our surprise, just a change to the IP, worked all well, that we had expected to. I must say the 10 seconds booting of the Client.

After this great achievement, we had to reach Rojendra Dai's home for an informal meeting. We had reached there at around 6PM where we had a meeting of around 1 hour. At the meeting , we decided to work on the project and scheduling the project.

At the time we had returned, there was a dream of working as a professional ...

I am almost sure that we would go to BHAKTAPUR for the LTSP setup.

Monday, March 05, 2007

SEMINAR :Advocating the ideas of internship

Our class - "The 061BCT IOE,Pulchowk" had organised a seminar titled "Advocating the ideas of Internship ..." on 2nd of March at the Library Hall ,Pulchowk Campus.
There had been preparations for a week ago and several students of this class (some of them I remeber are Manish,RamKrishna,Ram Chandra,Jitendra,Roshan,Jay,etc ...But not me , I must say so...)

The date fixed was for Feb 28th but the strike caused the seminar to postpone for Friday (2nd March). The most challenge beside the orgnanisation itself was the day chosen , as it was the day just before Holi(The festival of colors).

However, the program got fixed in its schedule.At around 10:00AM I too went to the seminar for myself being one of the organisers (would be good if I said one of the participants from the class. I must say this as I had not worked for the seminar starting from the day when it was thought of, and it would be inu).

Saturday, March 03, 2007

ENSAS-Nepal 3rd Annual Assembly

ENSAS-Nepal (Engineering Sahitya Samaj - as called in Nepali)(meaning: Engineerig Literary Society) had its third Annual Assembly and General Assembly on 1st of March 2007. The program was organised at the Library Hall of IOE,Pulchowk Campus,Lalitpur, in the same college where the organisation was established.
(I had joined the program though I wasn't actually even the general member of the organisation,only because of the moral faith and alignment towards literature and engineering)...
The program had been divided into two sessions :

  • First: 3rd Annual Assembly
  • Second: (Pustak Bimochan tatha Sahityik Gosthi)

I had attended the first part just when it was going to end and election for executive committe for this year was to be elected... But a shame, there was a dispute for the post of Chairman, and other posts, along with committe share for different colleges.
The rule I disliked the most was the rule of members being only students and the provision to demember if he/she completes his /her education ...

However, there continued the dispute regarding the election of the executive committee for the year 2063/64 just after I had attended the programe.

The dispute remained as it is, and it had to remain too, because the next part of the programme was rather much more important than the first one as I have in my fancy. The second part of the programme was a "Engineering Sahityik Gosthi" with several distinguished guests related to Literature and Engineering..

Some of them as I remember were

  • a) Tulsi Diwas(The Chief Guest)
  • b) Dahal Yagyanidhi(To announce his new song)
  • c) BishnuBahadur Singh
  • d) Mohan Kayastha ...
    (as much as I remember)

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Three Days with SAM

Since Saturday, I have been with Sam(Sammy,Sama,Samjhana.Sim ,etc... whatever the nicks and alias provided). She had been in Nepal to attend her sister's(Sochana's)Engagement. She had arrived to Nepal on 6th of Feb, but I just had a call from her on I guess some around of 23rd of Feb.She had made a call from her home in Pokhara and to make me in illusion ,she had made her sister call me.But could it be possible...

She had planned to come to Kathmandu on 24th, coz she had a flight on26th of Feb.So it started from 24th Feb...

24th Feb:
It was Saturday ,I was planning to go to BICC to watch the JAVA Contests Exhibition just after Ashish Poisonta called me in the morning. But when I rememberd of Sam coming , I just made my mind to not going anywhere , just wait for her call. For the whole day ..... At last she called at 6 PM in the evening when I was on my job to give coching classes to the kids. So what, I promised to reach Chauni till 7.
I took a cab from PATANDHOKA for Rs 120. She had told me to go the TINKUNE chowk of CHAUNI.
When I reached away from the CHOWK I had to stop, I returned behind and took the phone number from which she had called me , to ask whether the owner knows her.
After 3 shops I found the phone. There was a man, who called SAM's Grandfather and finally I met her. There was a Load Shedding, so I waited till the light glowed. We had a lots of talks and while returning I took a cd from her which had her CHINESE REMEMBERANCES. But I had to walk from SITAPAILA to KALANKI, to get a cab free or a bus to drop me to RATNAPARKor LAGANKHEL or TRIPURESHWAR. There was a bus , I took it upto TRIPURESHWAR and walked to my room at PATANDHOKA.

I selected the follwing pics from the CD so as to publish here in my blog.

25th Feb

We had planned to meet on this day after 12:00 noon. I had a practical lab, so I had to wait till 12:00. After the lab. I took my cellphone on my hand and waited for a call ...but it took some around 30 mins for her to make a call to me. Anyway she called, and I reached Ratnapark where we had decided to meet at around 12:45. I had to wait just near the micro stand for JORPATI. So what, I waited till 1:49. At last she made a call that she was arriving.
After she arrived, we went to NATIONAL BOOKS for the ANESTHESIA book. She chose the thinnest one and we returned. Then she called her friend to come to RatnaPark so that she could return some of the parcel she had brought to her friend. We went to a vegeterian cafe(because she was a vegeterian) and had CHAT coz there weren't any other restaurants in RATNAPARK.We had a brief talk about McDonalds and others ,finally her friend came(I do not remember he name now), and we returned what we had to.
At last she returned to Chauni, as I arranged a TEMPO for her.I took a micro to LAGANKHEL and returned too. On the way , I met Eli,Chandra and we went together to MangalBAZAAR. There I escaped from them coz I had to buy a gift to SAM.What I chose for SAM, she knows herself ...

26th Feb:
This was the day when she had to take her flight. I had promised to reach there at 7:00pm. For the whole day, I did what I had to ,then I took a TEMPO from RATNAPARK for CHAUNI. I had reached there at 6:10 PM , so I thought to go to SWAMBHU . I walked to SWAMBHU , it was really one of the best experiences, I will definately go there once again , but with cam,friends and all others.

Then I returned, coz I had to. I took two glasses to SUGARCANE JUICE on the way. While it was 10 to 7, she called me. I replied it wasn't seven and I will reach there by seven. But I was sorry to myself that I reached at 7:10. When I reached there, the cab was ready and she was too. She had put on a garland and TIKA , with her luggages of around 50 kgs PACKED.
We took the cab directly to AIRPORT. On the way we had a TRAFFIC JAM at Kalimati, so we had to take another route through BASANTAPUR. We had a ride through BASANTAPUR - NEWROAD - RATNAPARK - JAMAL - KAMALPOKHARI - GYANESHWAR - RATOPUL - GAUSHALA - and AIRPORT.
We had a doubt whether we were allowed to go both inside. The army men saw her and I guess for herself being a lady we could go inside. Inside we waited till 8:30. We had a coffee for each of us. We talked about some past lives and at last when she had to BOARD IN, I presented her with the KHADA which I had bought for her near SWAMBHU , and the gift I had chosen for her.
After this she boarded in. I could see that she was struggling with her luggages at the XRAY machine. I waited outside for 10 minutes with a thought if she returnes for a short chat. But she didn't. So I returned. On theway i send an SMS to Santosh Dai, but he neither replied. ..
I walked to TINKUNE. Took a cab there to BANESHWAR, and walked to SANKHAMUL. On the way I entered to a restaurant -"CAFE De BANESHWAR"and ordered CHICKEN KOTHY and EGG CHOWMEIN. But to my amusement , the lights went off. I had a CANDLE LIGHT DINNER then.

At last I did not reach to my room, but went to ASHIS POISONTA's room and I had the night dreamt there.

Today , is 27th and I have a FAST. I have not taken anything except 3 cups of coffee , so I think I should leave this machine now ....

Result Published for the fourth semester

Today the results for Fourth semester got published. The intersting thing about this result was that for the whole day I with other friends , was in FOSS Campaign visiting schools to present among the students of 9 and 10.

We had almost forgotten this result,though Jitendra used to give an alarm all the time. You know toppers do that.
When we just returned to college to get the result ,, we all were passed

Ha! me too, I must say this time ...

Friday, February 23, 2007


Today was the day when I got first to support the FOSS Campaign. Today we went to Little Angels , Hattiban and then to DON Bosco at Baneshwar. It was one of the best experiences among those I have had in my life till now. Me , Bibek Shrestha, Jitendra and Manish were from our class to volunteer there. At DON BOSCO we had to go there and give the presentation. IT was really enjoyable when we went to the school taking the school's own bus but sitting on the top of the bus. Ha!, in KTM on a root top of a bus. All were excited.

At last, I guess we had a good presentation though the electricity was out when we had just started the presentation in both the schools.

We were also with Jwalanta, Ashraya , Shishir ,Ayush ,Bikash,Manish - the brothers and JRT- Jaya Ram Timilsina sir ... at LITTLE ANGELS but not all at DON BOSCO ...



Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Come To Nepal We Offer You Variety Of Strikes

Come To Nepal We Offer You Variety Of Strikes

"Welcome to Nepal". Nepal is a country of biodiversity. In this small country we can see diversities in many aspects as the geological structrues, peoples and lifestyles, costumes ,culture and much more.

The most important diversity in Nepal, is the strikes we do have here.Today on a way to JAWLAKHEL , I got a chance to see another sorts of strike in front of the General Administration Ministry. There were some around 10 to 15 vehicles which belong to the sanitary department of the municipality.They all were loaded with the litter from around the municipality and were laid down there in front the ministry. The slogans were

  • Every citizen bring dust in front of Ministry
  • Every youth bring dust in front of Ministry
  • Every workers bring dust in front of Ministry
  • Every students bring dust in front of Ministry ... etc ...

This was what I had seen

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Candids from Phulchoki

Yesterday, we viz. Me(Dhruba Adhikari),(Eli)Eliza Shrestha,(Hari)Jitendra Harlalka,(Chandra)Chandra Man Shrestha and (Mama) Bisarjan Pokhrel had a visit to Phulchoki to experience the snowfall. Vaskar had also planned to go to Daman and have a night spent there. But I hadn't wanted for the overnight trip. I wanted to return in the evening. So I wasn't sure about going to Daman.I did not give them a decision , though I had an extreme desire to be there and play with the snow.We had talked the day before yesterday about going to Daman.

Since, I wasn't sure to go anywhere, I had been sleeping till 10 in the morning yesterday. Exactly at 10, as far as I am sure, I woke up and found Vaskar had sent an SMS to me so as to informt hat they had decided and were going to Phulchoki. I had to reach Hostel at 10:00. So what, I forgot of going to enjoy the snow. Just then Eli called me as and told if I would go to Phulchoki that day. Why not? just I had missed a chance from Vaskar and other guys from Hostel to visit there. I could not miss that chance. So I accepted. We had to move from here at 11:00. I had wished that we could meet the guys at the destination but ...

Jitendra, he became an item this time. When I went to inform him about the plan to go there,he said -"I have to go to Tuition." Think of yourself, he has to go to tuition at 5 PM and he rejects to go at 11:00.. Any way he is JITENDRA. However , I made him go with us.
Just at 11, Eli came to Jitendra's and we moved towards Lagankhel. On the way I got to know Bhauju (from Eli) had a "MISCARRIAGE".

We reached to Lagankhel exactly at 11:31 where Bisharjan was waiting with a fire within him. We were late exactly but by 1 minute. However, he had been waiting there since half an hour.Lets forget this. I had to give him a toffee to make him cool. So what he became ...

We took a micro, Chandra sat at the front seat and remaining at the last seat. We reached at around 12:15 at Godawari, (Let me say the Phulchoki base camp)...

The rumors... The rumors there we had heard were somewhat making us not to move ahead. But I wasn't to return from there.We used to hear ...
a> Three hours walk uphill
b> No vehicles during return ,etc ...

I moved forward and others had to do the same too.
We bought some snacks from the base camp though I had taken some from home too.
It was really memorable and every second we made an effort to climb up were noticable. Neither of us were energetic enough to complete the campaign. Chandra had a fever, myself low BP problem and Jitendra no any experiences of climbing uphill. The only energetic were Eli and Bisu. They were together for all time uphill. I was sometimes with Jitendra , sometimes with Bisu and most of the times alone. Coz I had taken some different way , some challenging way to climb upstairs.
There had been many pairs , I notice mostly one of them, starting from the base of the uphill, she was in red and he in black. She was really tired when they had completed 1/19th of the journey. We were the same too. But they were spectacular.
I remember at one instant that she was almost bent when she had been climbing up.

Finally at 2:20 I guess ,we saw the first snow. Chandra picked it up. He threw it to us. We enjoyed the first snow very much. Jitendra used to tell sometimes MISSION EVEREST and so on. I donot know what others used to talk on the way. But I used to tell do not open your mouth take breath from your nose. But myself was the last...

We reached ...
I sneaked , so as to reach first. Then I hid somewhere at made a call to bring all of them above. I was ready with a shot. So I made what I had to. Then all started. One by one we used to throw on each other .. About 1 hour we played with the snow.

THE CANDIDS SPEAK OF WHAT WE HAD DONE THERE. We had a short dry food consumption there. Not a picnic ,not a lunch , but not less than that.

Finally we returned...

All the pictures of the Phulchoki trip are available here click to see them

On the way we saw such a heartbreaking scene that really made us shocked somehow. A man had fallen on the road and his whole face was bloody. He was uncontrolled , and none tried to give him a lift. So what myself and chandra stopped a cab and helped him to reach the treatment ..

We continued walking down the hill, and reached the basecamp I had mentioned earlier at 5:00 PM. There weren't any vechicles ready to head off.So I made all of them to walk forward.
On the way of return we saw a bus (Sajha Bus) which was almost overloaded. I did not want to take that bus so I continued walking. So what all of the fours followed me. But , I was wrong there.Because on the way I could see that the bus just pass away from me. We missed that very bus.
I was alone and was walking at a distance of 100 meters ahead from the other guys. So what , another bus had arrived and all four were about to take that. I wasnt there , so they left Eli in the bus and stepped down . I was really cursed, I guess. The most among them was MAMA.

I was beginning to rain. I was feeling hungry so we entered to a teashop. Just we had finished the tea and it started to rain. So we thought we should hurry. Jitendra paid and we tried to stop any available micros. Mama used to say to take a micro which returns behind to Godawari and agiain come in the same one. But every one had a tag "Reserved" in front of them.

However , we could find one micro which aggred to take chandra , and we managed for Bisu in the same.
Jitendra and me continued walking. Yes, till 6:45 when we reached Hattiban. At last we found a cab which aggred to take us to lagankhel.

I paid for the taxi , we walked to PATANDHOKA and had a meal there.

In this way the Phulchoki day got ended.

Today in the daytime I was inVashkar. He told me some words that really made upset. I bore . coz it was obvious to say. But I am writing this in his very computer .

See my private blog for this same event if you are allowed.

AnD At last

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Coolest HI!

The coolest HI! (HSSSSSSISSS) I have heard
The coolest and most beautiful, the pleasant and most soothing , 'HI!' I have heard ever is from you.I miss this 'HI' every time when I donot hear it.
I must say I am missing all those 'HIs', those smiles and everything ...
I LOVE YOU... I must say this ...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Yesterday, the VALENTINE'S DAY , the most interesting and amazing thing happend just after I had completed my celebration was the snowfall in Kathmandu. I had never seen the fall till then and had neither expected that we would have a snowfall right in front of our eyes and that also in Kathmandu valley. The moment was romantic due to the day being special and more romantic when we had a snowfall.. However a man died of this very snowfall in Palpa and we were feeling a bit bad for this incident. Anyway, snowfall is itself a beautiful event and the day was too.. The VALENTINE'S DAY 2007 with the amazing snowfall ...

Valentine's Day 2007 and My Day

My Valentine Day 2007 ...

People used to talk about this day - "THE VALENTINE'S DAY". I also had a view on it and a desire within the view to celebrate this day with my Valentine. So what , I turned it into a truth. I celebrate my first Valentine's Day today with my Valentine.

I had made a rough planning yesterday. The plannnings were not so accurate , just tentative.They just include where to go and to visit places in which sequence , but not the exact time. Ihad not made any such plans of at which time to meet , and at which time , I have to reach where or till when I had to stay at that place. But only some tentative plans and all went accordingly...

It was 7 , when my cell phone gave me an alarm to wake up for today early in the morning. However, the alarm was title for different schedule. Obviously, the schedule was to be more prioritised than the Valentine's Day planning itself. So I had told her to meet ,if possible, only after the first scheduled job was done. Let me talk about why I woke up early in detail. Yesterday I had an SMS from TheLinuxManiac to inform about the Single Round Match(SRM) which was going to be for today at 7:30 am. I had thoght it to be my duty to participate in that match rather than the Valentine's Day first. So I went to METKHA CYBER situated at PATANDHOKA. Unfortunately, the connection was too slow and I could hardly open a single site in 3 to 4 minutes. I had already lost my hope to participate in such a connection and there wasn't any other cyber nearer. It was alreay 7:30 there. So what the site TOPCODER opened , I logged in , but I could not find anywhere to start the match. I gave up.

I paid NPR 10 to the owner and turned behind. Then, my actual celebration for the Valentine's day started. For the whole day she was with me. We visited some of the places and I returned home at 2:00 PM. She started to be with me just after I had returned from the CYBER. She had been waiting from the Early morning , I must say from the previous day, with a beautiful guess of how will be today.

The we took a TAXI right from PATANDHOKA. We were together in the TAXI too. It was already 7:45 when we had taken the TAXI. we reached to GWARKO exactly at 8:00 .I gave the driver a fare of NPR 60 But why GWARKO ?

Yes, we had a DATE there. We had planned to watch SALAAM-E-ISHQ , on this very occassion of Valentine's Day. It was me , herself and SALAAM-E-ISHQ- a tribute to love.

Unfortunately, there also the THEATRE was to start from 9:00 AM. Then what I was a bit upset. We took a taxi , paid a fare of NPR 60 , I missed the SRM ... It was raining from the early morning. So I had taken an UMBRELLA with me. I hadn't shaven till then, though I had a plan of that too.So we went to a shaloon , and I had a shave there. I paid NPR 15 there.

We returned . We just bought ticket. It was NPR 50 for each. I was so upset there that she did not allow to pay me . Anyway GTPS(Go Together Pay Separate) , but it was the VALENTINE'S DAY!. Anyway, after 5 minutes the movie got started. We were together. She was just a side of me.Sometimes ,left and sometimes right. The movie started with a song SALAAM-E-ISHQ sung by ADNAN SAMI cast JOHN ABHRAM and VIDHYA BALAN. Movie review , I will post later.

But I must say that we had a popcorn and coffee there at the interval . I had laughed once such a loud that some of the viewers watched at me too. I could see only pairs all over the THEATRE.

Some of the others were too. But those who used to be pairs , they used to stay at the corner ...

The movie got completed. We both were satisfied. Why won't we , coz it was a tribute to love.

We got departed, but not for a long time. She had to meet someone , so she waited there and I walked to PATANDHOKA to have some meal. We had planned to find some restaurant but something happened there so she had to meet someone and she stayed at GWARKO, I with a beautified heart returned from there.

I had a lunch there from where I had started my Valentine's Day celebration. We had planned to meet again at the same place. There was a bus stop and we had to go to DHARAHARA.

We met there. She was alreay ready. I had not seen her and kept searching, but she was just in front of the bus. We went together. It was still raining and we had an UMBRELLA for both of us. We reached there. I paid for the ticket , here too she paid her share. I felt a bit upset again, but anyway it is still good in some aspects .

They checked us. I had a key and I had to deposit it there for security purposes. I did that too. We walked to the top of DHARAHARA. There was a sequrity guard who was a Rana MAGAR from BANEPA. We had a good time there. The view was really panorimic, I really enjoyed each and every second there. But I donot know how did she took about it. However, she had told that she liked it very much.
PHASE 1.... ENDS ...
at there, we got returned and we took a cab to Durbar marg. This was the second art of our date. We headed for the NANGLO BAKERY CAFE, as per her choice. What was the menu there, I guess let me not describe here, however, I must say that we had a bill of NPR 935. This time I was so delighted that I could pay this amount now. For her .... why not ... just 935 , anyway. We departed then, she moved to LAZIMPAT and I to PATANDHOKA. I must say every second I had passed with her was important, I remember every moment of bliss, and every rememberances cherish ... I felt "SHE MADE ME COMPLETE and SO DID SHE"... I wish all the Valentines had a good time as me. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO ALL. I have not told till now who was she and wont do that in public again ... BUT ...

Saturday, February 10, 2007

AAGO - A review

Kathmandu - Victimised by the sharp censorship of the government, the film Aago was performed deviating itself from its geniun theme. Narayan Puri, the director of this controversial film has decided to bring it back to the screen with its original version. The film based on the armed insurgency was sharply censored by the than government bearing in mind that the story of the film would add fule to the fire. Later it was demonstrated after piercingly edited. Intrestengly, it's all again going to hit the Kathmandu halls.

I had a time yesterday in Biswajyoti Hall at Jamal to watch the re-release of the censored movie AAGO- The fire.
The movie was released some around 5 or 6 years ago when there was an EMERGENCY in Nepal. The contemporary King's Government had seized away the movie's MASTER COPY so yesterday it was displayed through a DVD player. However , the movie as it was itself a strong movie from many aspects , I found myself a worth to watch the movie.

Reasons to censor the movie
  • The movie was based on a story related to Nepal Communist Party -Maoist who used to be called as Terrorist at that very time
  • An announcement was even made to provide 50,000 to 1,00,000 NP Rupees to them who brings the whole body or the HEAD of 50 leaders of the party
  • The EMERGENCY was declared to solve that very Maoist problem
These all reasons had made AAGO - The fire to be censored during that time. But from 26th of Magh this movie has been re-released and the director of this movie - Mr. NARAYAN PURI has even gave his words to make a sequeal of this movie AAGO 2 which will present the story after the maoist revolution and PEOPLE's MOVEMENT 2 (Janaandolan 2).

About The Movie
  • From the technical aspects - and taking in mind the technology in Nepal during that time, this movie must be said best among all those movies of the time 5 years ago
  • No only among the movies before 5 years , in this five years time only few movies must be said to be capable to compete AAGO .
  • The movie direction is also praise worthy. I must say Mr. NARAYAN PURI is one of the best directors of NEPAL.
  • The only dissatisfaction I had during this re-released movie is some of the scenes which directly take the side of Maoist in Nepal. Being a film this should not have been made . (I hope this wont be repeated in the part 2).
  • The ACTION I must say is one of the best aspects of this movie, because the stunts that were made are presented in a realistic and energetic way.
  • This movie makes NARAYAN PURI a best director SARANGA SHRESTHA a versatile actress and SUSHIL CHETTRY an angry young man ..
I must say every one should watch this movie at least once (One time again if had watched in the earlier release) ...

ACP Masquerade ...

Monday, February 05, 2007

Google Labs



Tonight when I just had a time at one of the stationeries around searching for some magazines and newspapers , I found one of the magazines named INFOTISER .When I went through the magazine, I found at once ,an article titled BLOG Diaries.The article was dedicated for the bloggers and blogging. Me, myself being one of the bloggers, I found the article to be dedicated for me and for all those who are fond of blogging. What actually blogging is, I dont think I should be more descriptive for what blogging is, and for others who donot blog the description of the pleasure of blogging is knew no bound.
From what I started blogging, is when I saw one of my friends owing a blog and another blog when I was searching for the news on Gladiator Strings concert in Nepal. The concert was held within my own college and I got to find the detail news and views from a blog.So what , I then choose to blog and now I own about 10 blogs though they all are hosted at some of the free blog providers.
The moment when I had become most proud, was when TIME magazine had declared all the bloggers as the person of the YEAR 2006. This is obviously the moment of pride for all the bloggers those exist.

I must mention one of my blogs here. The name is even sighted at the title of this text above. I had started blogging about Hilary Duff and have been continuing blogging on Hilary Duff for five months.I want to claim myself as one of the fans (die hard fans not actually but not even less), and feel the pleasure of blogging and am possible to establish myself as one of the fans. Am really dedicated and I do give some spare time for the blog.So what I know the satisfaction on blogging.

I must mention though at last, I began to write here because of the same magazine INFOTISER.The magazine had provided a poster of Hilary Duff for the issue I bought.I was so delighted to have the co-incidence - An article on blogging and a poster of Hilary Duff , for whom I blog at once.

Thanks for all who made me to write and who helped me to write..

ACP Masquerade



Today on 2007-01-29 Roadies 4 got completed and Anthony was the winner against Bani.
What I had expected was the same that had happen. He won and she lose , that was somewhat fare
for not only him but also all of the other Roadies contestant. Did he really liked her or what about
she, did she really liked him. But for me , I feel that they two should get engaged. Bani had an ego and it was
only Anthony who used to relax her and give a company to her.
I feel that when he had voted against Raj during the final three vote out for final too , he was good from all the
1> From being more intimate to Bani
2> From taking a revenge against Raj for the vote out while he was in danger
3> The vote out was a complement for Bani for what he had done in favour of Raj and against of Bani
and much more ...

So what all had happened as I had thought. But at last.. he had tears, yes the tears were for Bani. He made himself
cry when he heard what all told about Bani and what they feel about the both - "Bani and Anthony" ..

I know what one feels, when someone cries for you. You are in a trouble or in a grief and someone tries to make him/herself the same and cries for you, this would be the greatest trust and friendship or say some other relations
between you too.
The same is for me. And I am feeling very bad now , that I am ignoring her. She had done the same for me, when I had the worst results . But now I am trying to be far from her ,for her not making a phone call to me when I had not attended the college for four regular days. There is a reason for myself feel in this way , coz I used to call her the each day she used to miss the class or each day she does not attends the college.
But am I right or what ... why do I do this? What does she actually mean to me or what do I actually mean to her? ...
I dont know.. I guess I like her , I dont want to lose her as I did lose Susma. Susma had just got married this Wednesday on 24th of this month... The hang is still on me till today and I dont know till when it does last. She married to am MBA , who lives quite near to my home...

Any way ,, Alls well that ends well.. Locus is arriving too and I do have a fast tomorrow.Will I be possible to continue with the fast? Coz its' just the second week.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

K-PAX A Review

Just in the morning I got to watch a movie K-PAX. Thought should write something about it here. Am really fantasied be the movie .

The story was really interesting.I found the theme of the movie to be one of the good ones. I want to share what I felt the movie had tried to give , here.


Thursday, January 18, 2007

How PC-Telephone Softwares use VoIP

The PC-Telephone Softwares use the VoIP technology to communicate as the following

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Guru - A Review

Yesterday , was the day when I had started washing my clothes ,friends came to me and go for a movie- GURU. An acclaimed Bollywood movie directed by Mani Ratnam.
So we went all along the way to Gwarko on foot.

Already 5 mins late. But entered ,Malika was seen shaking and winging her waist. The movie started and finally got completed as it was to do as other movies do. When we set our feet to return - I stared hearing "The worst movie" and so on. Was it really a worst movie. I replied "No Comments".

But in my vision the movie is really a good movie,Really good. Best directed, best acted, best coreographed ,best cinematographed and even I felt it had the best story ever. The movie didn't seem to be in the main stream ,neither it seemed to be off stream. It reflects the story of a villager ,who is ambitious , not good to say over ambitious but must say visioner as the film makers claim on their posters. He makes a lot of ups and downs in his life , and earns a good living, good earning and finally reaches his aim somewhat in both legal and illegal way and finally thinks of the next dream.
It hence talks about dreams.We should dream to succeed. We should dream to achieve.So he did "Gurukant Desai" and made himself to be a promoter of the nation's largest company. This is what the people disliked and my friends were among the people too.

So I learned a lot, how its possible to be a tycoon, and how its possible to earn the

In my opinion, Guru is the definition of corruption , what is corruption ,can corruption lead to nations' development , or the country is defining the corruption in a wrong way.

Watch the movie once, aim in life as i do, become a billionaire as will do.