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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

GMail reaches 4GB now

This is amazing. GMail was started with a 2GB email service, which was increasing as indicated day by day. And now, it has reached 4GB and I haven't got an email yet, regarding this update. Ridiculous !!!

This is another great achievement after Microsoft's Windows Live Hotmail had increased its per mail storage to 2GB recently. Even, another Indian mail provider company Rediffmail had increased to an unlimited storage.
Anyway, whatever sizes the other providers offer, Gmail and all other services associated with Gmail and Google users are knew no bound. This is a big leap and one of the best free services ever in the cyberspace.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Me, A Cat and Its SHIT on my BED

I was aware of such situations never before. Despite of a full day busy schedule, it happened today.

I was alone in my room. So, I came late tonight at around 8:30 after having my dinner somewhere else. All was fine until I found the packet of Gudpak (गुँदपाक) which I was supposed to take home the following day, was already tasted by a pussy (not PuSi).

This was also somehow tolerable. But, I just found myself insane, when I saw the SHIT of the cat on my bed, right along my pillow. Oh! Shit ! (yeah, that was truly a shit)

Thanks, God, I had atleast taken my meal. I had to wash all the clothes then, the bed sheet (shit again), the pillow, the quilt and mattress. I even had to cut the mattress, because it was impossible to wash that. So, I had taken a round cut piece of the mattress around the area where the cat had shit, away from it.

It took me 2 total hours, to clean up all the mesh and next half an hour to wash myself.

I do not know how did I manage all those smell, the shit, and how I made a courage to do that. Anyway, this also happens. Tomorrow, I am leaving for my home, and I must share this experience to all my friends out there.

Let, me see the responses.

Ha! Ha!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

When my article was one of the featured articles at Helium

The screenshot speaks itself

Date: 23rd march 2007