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Sunday, January 21, 2007

K-PAX A Review

Just in the morning I got to watch a movie K-PAX. Thought should write something about it here. Am really fantasied be the movie .

The story was really interesting.I found the theme of the movie to be one of the good ones. I want to share what I felt the movie had tried to give , here.


Thursday, January 18, 2007

How PC-Telephone Softwares use VoIP

The PC-Telephone Softwares use the VoIP technology to communicate as the following

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Guru - A Review

Yesterday , was the day when I had started washing my clothes ,friends came to me and go for a movie- GURU. An acclaimed Bollywood movie directed by Mani Ratnam.
So we went all along the way to Gwarko on foot.

Already 5 mins late. But entered ,Malika was seen shaking and winging her waist. The movie started and finally got completed as it was to do as other movies do. When we set our feet to return - I stared hearing "The worst movie" and so on. Was it really a worst movie. I replied "No Comments".

But in my vision the movie is really a good movie,Really good. Best directed, best acted, best coreographed ,best cinematographed and even I felt it had the best story ever. The movie didn't seem to be in the main stream ,neither it seemed to be off stream. It reflects the story of a villager ,who is ambitious , not good to say over ambitious but must say visioner as the film makers claim on their posters. He makes a lot of ups and downs in his life , and earns a good living, good earning and finally reaches his aim somewhat in both legal and illegal way and finally thinks of the next dream.
It hence talks about dreams.We should dream to succeed. We should dream to achieve.So he did "Gurukant Desai" and made himself to be a promoter of the nation's largest company. This is what the people disliked and my friends were among the people too.

So I learned a lot, how its possible to be a tycoon, and how its possible to earn the

In my opinion, Guru is the definition of corruption , what is corruption ,can corruption lead to nations' development , or the country is defining the corruption in a wrong way.

Watch the movie once, aim in life as i do, become a billionaire as will do.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Art Attack

I got really inspired from the Disney Channel Programme Art Attack. So what , I imlemented the inspiration in myself too. Today I had just sat down to visit the site of the progamme "" I went to the meet Neil section and knew him to be a musician rather than an artist. A musician can do these art attacks then why not me. So I bought fabric paints and am going to buy enamel paints and poster paints. I will soon start a blog with all my works .
I must include a picture of Art Attack here. So its just above.. See at the top of this post.