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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Google and the iGoogle

Google! how was it started,everyone knows that. Yesterday,when I was talking to my friend about the establishment of Google, they all talked that Google was a failure when it was just started. This was because Google was started only as a search engine, however there had been many search engines which provide more than a mere search engine at that contemporary time. But what is Google now? Is it just a mere search engine? The leap of Google from Google to iGoogle has defined what has Google turned out to be.

I do not know the exact sequences of the development of Google, but i remember some of them. From just the mere search engine to Gmail and progressively we can see the list at Google services and the developments inside the Google Labs which is among one of the Google services.

The Beauty of Google starts right from the Classic Google Homepage and then its plain design. Only the text ads that get displayed in the Gmail with the remarkable use of the Intelligence in filters, Spam Protection, Forwarding and much more. Not only Gmail the screenshot alongside shows what has google provided to the world.

Just yesterday ,I got to see the iGoogle link at the top right corner of the Google Classic Homepage.And found that Google has rebranded the Personal
Homepage to iGoogle. Hats Off! Why
not to say it iGoogle. Google already
had a plan to do that,because it had
already created a link to the personalised homepage as
http://google.con/ig where the ig represents iGoogle. Now its to see what has google maintained to be the iGoogle.

  • Theme which changes with the day light changes of the location
  • Customised Gadgets
  • Make your own Gadgete and share them
  • Gmail (I prefer to say it iMail)
  • and much more... because the list is endless.
I am pretty much sure and have already seen the world and rule of Google in the near future, why in the near future ,had already done in many aspects. Never forget to see the Search Engine Rankings and the position of Google there.

ACP Masquerade

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