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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Working as a Volunteer

Being invloved in a true volunteering ,

Five of our classmates have started volunteering for the E-LIBRARY Project of Help Nepal Network, an umbrella organization to the network in 12 nations. The inspiration came when Shishir , Jwala ,Rajiv, Aayush and Kebina - the seniors had shared their experience on LTSP regarded to their first project at Dang. Shishir had a presentation on their Experiences and "LTSP Project and its implementations in NEpal".

So we talked to Help Nepal Network, of whose the E-Library project is. Bibek had assisted in the meeting. Last Saturday (24th March 2007), we had a meeting inside the Help Nepal Network Office at Chabahil. At the very meeting we , viz :

* Suraj sapkota
* Bibek Shrestha
* Dhruba Adhikari (Me)
* Jitendra Harlalka
* Manish Modi

During the meet, we met Rojendra Dai-an active volunteer of Help Nepal, Rama Dai and others...
And I must not forget Mr . Matthew from UNESCO who also had a plan to implement the LTSP server and client for the teachers training programme. I must say I had a dream to have that to us. But the risk and follow up factors made me together with all others think a bit more ...

After the completion we had made a tentative plan to set up the LTSP server and client at Suraj's Room , but the LOCUS final day came in between and we had to cancel the plan.
However, yesterday on 26th march 2007 we started with the setup test. We five, together with Subodh ,Vaskar and Yogesh were there.

The whole day, installing, deinstalling and reinstalling, all went on. I had taken my "MORPHINE" to Suraj's room . Suraj had made his PC the server and my morphine had been tried to make the thin client. Whole day,starting from 11 AM, went on vain , and I had to go to the TUITION (Students are having the exams so ...).. Unfortunately, I must say I missed the moment when the client booted , up to the GRAY WINDOW and A CROSS MARK of the mouse pointer.

Today, Shishir came to suraj's and to our surprise, just a change to the IP, worked all well, that we had expected to. I must say the 10 seconds booting of the Client.

After this great achievement, we had to reach Rojendra Dai's home for an informal meeting. We had reached there at around 6PM where we had a meeting of around 1 hour. At the meeting , we decided to work on the project and scheduling the project.

At the time we had returned, there was a dream of working as a professional ...

I am almost sure that we would go to BHAKTAPUR for the LTSP setup.

Monday, March 05, 2007

SEMINAR :Advocating the ideas of internship

Our class - "The 061BCT IOE,Pulchowk" had organised a seminar titled "Advocating the ideas of Internship ..." on 2nd of March at the Library Hall ,Pulchowk Campus.
There had been preparations for a week ago and several students of this class (some of them I remeber are Manish,RamKrishna,Ram Chandra,Jitendra,Roshan,Jay,etc ...But not me , I must say so...)

The date fixed was for Feb 28th but the strike caused the seminar to postpone for Friday (2nd March). The most challenge beside the orgnanisation itself was the day chosen , as it was the day just before Holi(The festival of colors).

However, the program got fixed in its schedule.At around 10:00AM I too went to the seminar for myself being one of the organisers (would be good if I said one of the participants from the class. I must say this as I had not worked for the seminar starting from the day when it was thought of, and it would be inu).

Saturday, March 03, 2007

ENSAS-Nepal 3rd Annual Assembly

ENSAS-Nepal (Engineering Sahitya Samaj - as called in Nepali)(meaning: Engineerig Literary Society) had its third Annual Assembly and General Assembly on 1st of March 2007. The program was organised at the Library Hall of IOE,Pulchowk Campus,Lalitpur, in the same college where the organisation was established.
(I had joined the program though I wasn't actually even the general member of the organisation,only because of the moral faith and alignment towards literature and engineering)...
The program had been divided into two sessions :

  • First: 3rd Annual Assembly
  • Second: (Pustak Bimochan tatha Sahityik Gosthi)

I had attended the first part just when it was going to end and election for executive committe for this year was to be elected... But a shame, there was a dispute for the post of Chairman, and other posts, along with committe share for different colleges.
The rule I disliked the most was the rule of members being only students and the provision to demember if he/she completes his /her education ...

However, there continued the dispute regarding the election of the executive committee for the year 2063/64 just after I had attended the programe.

The dispute remained as it is, and it had to remain too, because the next part of the programme was rather much more important than the first one as I have in my fancy. The second part of the programme was a "Engineering Sahityik Gosthi" with several distinguished guests related to Literature and Engineering..

Some of them as I remember were

  • a) Tulsi Diwas(The Chief Guest)
  • b) Dahal Yagyanidhi(To announce his new song)
  • c) BishnuBahadur Singh
  • d) Mohan Kayastha ...
    (as much as I remember)