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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Me, A Cat and Its SHIT on my BED

I was aware of such situations never before. Despite of a full day busy schedule, it happened today.

I was alone in my room. So, I came late tonight at around 8:30 after having my dinner somewhere else. All was fine until I found the packet of Gudpak (गुँदपाक) which I was supposed to take home the following day, was already tasted by a pussy (not PuSi).

This was also somehow tolerable. But, I just found myself insane, when I saw the SHIT of the cat on my bed, right along my pillow. Oh! Shit ! (yeah, that was truly a shit)

Thanks, God, I had atleast taken my meal. I had to wash all the clothes then, the bed sheet (shit again), the pillow, the quilt and mattress. I even had to cut the mattress, because it was impossible to wash that. So, I had taken a round cut piece of the mattress around the area where the cat had shit, away from it.

It took me 2 total hours, to clean up all the mesh and next half an hour to wash myself.

I do not know how did I manage all those smell, the shit, and how I made a courage to do that. Anyway, this also happens. Tomorrow, I am leaving for my home, and I must share this experience to all my friends out there.

Let, me see the responses.

Ha! Ha!

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